Trending: Prints and Patterns. Be bold.

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The new hottest fashion trend are prints and patterns. Do not let its bold design deter you from buying them; with the right coordination, a simple outfit may transform from shab to chic! The inspiration behind this post firstly originated when i spotted one of my favorite pair of jeans disappointingly lying deep inside my wardrobe - needless to say, it was feeling very much unloved! I continued to rummage through my closet and eventually came across another one of my favorite clothing pieces, my floral print shorts. I began to assort the rest of my clothes correspondent to their category, neon brights, prints, darks etc. Joining the print's pile was my latest high-street buy, my statement H&M blazer. The pile was mesmerizing, it oozed colour and vibrancy! It was simply beautiful to look at, and hence the inspiration behind this post.

HM, blazer, print blazer, purchase, fashion

print blazer, pattern, hm, purchase

zara, print trousers, print, trousers

zara, print, floral, shorts, floral shorts, print shorts

How do you feel about this new trend? Will you brave the streets in bold print? Please comment below with your opinions!

Stay Chic,

Love, Ana


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